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Restorations In Whitby

Your teeth are exposed to a lot. Injury or decay can result in damage, possibly leading to gum disease or the loss of a tooth. Pringle Creek Dental in Whitby offers a full range of restorative treatments to repair damage and restore your natural smile.

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Decay can cause small cavities to form in the enamel of your teeth. Left untreated, cavities can grow larger and become painful, and they create a possible source of infection. We repair cavities with metal or synthetic fillings that repair the damage and protect your tooth.


Sometimes a tooth gets broken or becomes severely decayed and it can't be repaired with fillings. At such times, a synthetic crown is placed over the tooth to repair it and restore its normal appearance. Modern crowns are coloured to match your existing teeth almost perfectly.


Inlays are used when a tooth needs to be restored but it isn't strong enough to support a filling. Inlays are made of metal or composite and restore the "non-biting" portion of your tooth. Unlike fillings, inlays are created by taking an impression of your tooth and then creating an inlay in a lab. The inlay is placed into your tooth and cemented in place. Onlays are the same as inlays, except they are used to restore the biting surface of your tooth.


This is similar to an inlay, but is used when damage is more extensive. It covers more of the tooth, but is often preferred to a crown for its ability to maintain existing tooth structure.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth with synthetic teeth. The replacement teeth are mounted to a "bridge" that is attached to the teeth on either side of the gap to be filled. Bridges are custom-designed to blend in with the rest of your other teeth.

If you have a lost, damaged or decayed tooth, or if you've lost a filling, give us a call today to learn more about dental restorations.


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